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Estate Planning & Administration in Western Missouri

Elder law attorney helping you prepare for your future and
take care of your family

Independence lawyer J. Scott King helps you plan your estate, secure guardianship of a person in need or manage the estate of a loved one.

Estate planning

You can make choices that impact your own care during your lifetime and the well-being of your family for many years to come. Estate lawyer J. Scott King helps you with:

Drafting your will

An estate without a will can cause turmoil for a family. To ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes, you need a legally sound last will and testament.

Creating a living trust

To protect your assets from probate costs and delays, you may choose to create and fund a living trust.

Preparing your advance directives

Document your intentions about your healthcare and finances by using advance directives.

  • Living will. Articulate your decisions concerning your medical treatment in the event that you become unable to speak for yourself.
  • Durable power of attorney. Appoint a trusted person to act as your agent in matters ranging from healthcare decisions to financial transactions.

You may use these directives in combination to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled if you are incapacitated.

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Guardianships, conservatorships and special needs trusts

When you have a close relationship to a person with special needs, you may choose to pursue legal standing so you can fully exercise your ability to provide care.

  • Guardianship gives you the ability to make decisions for an incapacitated person.
  • Conservatorship allows you to manage the affairs of a disabled person.

Attorney J. Scott King helps you understand Missouri's definitions of incapacity and disability, and explains the responsibilities that you will have as a guardian or conservator. He also advises you on special needs trusts, which are used to protect a person's government disability benefits such as Medicare and SSI.

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Estate administration

J. Scott King informs you of your responsibilities as an estate administrator, helping you successfully fulfill your duties to the beneficiaries. He represents you in all legal matters related to the management of an estate, including the sale of inherited property.


When you are named as the executor of a will, you must represent the interests of the estate in probate. Mr. King helps you handle the accounting, fees and notifications associated with the probate process. He also represents you if the will is challenged.

Trust administration

Although an estate in trust may avoid probate entirely, the work of a trustee can be as demanding as that of an executor. Mr. King guides you smoothly through your fiduciary duties.

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